Princess Party

Your chosen princess will enter singing her favourite theme song, from there she will give the birthday child a present and teach the kids a dance to a song from her movie. 

The princess will then read a story relating back to the theme of the party, Then it’s game time! 

Whilst the guests are doing the next activity ( colouring in), the princess will take children one by one to either get their face painted or have their nails painted, get their hair spray a bright colour and get a stick on tattoo 

To close the party we will have a big group photo as well as individual photos, the princess will sing her second song  and will then end with the cake ceremony

nail and face.jpg
face painting 2.jpg
princesses and minis.jpg


Super Hero Party

The hour  will consist of superhero training, made up of three categories... speed, strength and intelligence. 

Speed : the kids will be put into two teams where they will compete against each other in 3 different relays. The wheel barrow race, sack race and balloon between their knees race- very fun!

Strength: kids will be given challenges to test their physical strength eg arm wrestling and push ups- very amusing!  

Intelligence: this is where there will be a discussion around what it takes to be a superhero... eg looking out for your friends- very important!

Story time: A Marvel story of their choice will be read to the children 

Tug of war: this is a great one to get the adults involved and preferably outside

Weapon training: kids are giving nerf guns where they are to try and hit targets ( superhero villains ) 

Fighter jet making: children will be given some paper and pens to make and design their plane, let’s see who’s can fly the furthest!

To round up the day your superhero will get group and single photos with the kids and carry in the cake singing happy birthday



30 min booking 1 character: $115

60 min booking 1 character: $195

1.5 hour booking 1 character: $250

1 hour booking 2 characters: $295

1.5 hour booking 2 characters: $370

2 hour booking 2 characters: $430

Wow! Elsa, Anna and Olaf came to my daughters 4th birthday party today and they were amazing! The kids were captivated and thoroughly entertained. It was a great package with so many activities that kept the kids very well entertained. My daughter was so thrilled and a very happy wee girl. Thanks Serena and team - you were amazing! Highly recommended.
Stacey Richardson
— Stacey Richardson